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Jha Institute was founded on August 1st, 1999, with a mission to explore the power of the mind in English speaking. It soon became apparent that the language learning techniques commonly used in our society were insufficient in meeting our needs. It was clear that a new approach was required to address the fear and anxiety many individuals experienced when learning English. This realization motivated us to conduct extensive research in language learning systems, which ultimately led us to the transformative technique of “Chain Meditation”. In January, our founder came across Vipassana Meditation, which opened a new dimension in our approach to language learning. Through the limitless capability of the mind and meditation, we have invented a revolutionary technique that empowers individuals to overcome their English language phobia and become confident speakers.

Our Mission
The mission of Jha Institute is to empower and enhance the English fluency of all 12th-grade students through our innovative and effective “Marntrachain” technique.
Our Vision
The vision of Jha Institute is to establish a robust English language learning system nationwide, effectively addressing the language learning challenges faced by individuals and enabling them to overcome language barriers with ease.
Our Values
Our values- as followers of Vipassana meditation, encompass the pursuit of quality, maintaining balance, embracing truthfulness, actively assisting others, and wholeheartedly serving the community.
Why Jha Institute
  • We provide a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure complete students satisfaction.
  • Our mind power technique enables rapid English language acquisition, facilitating faster and more efficient learning.
  • Jha Institute provides complimentary books to all its enrolled students at no additional cost.
  • Upon enrolling in our institute, students become valued members of the JEM family, receiving lifelong assistance and support throughout their journey with us.
  • We offer a complimentary audio MP3 program designed specifically for English language practice, allowing students to enhance their language skills at their convenience.
  • We offer flexible batch options where students can attend multiple batches in a day without incurring any additional fees. Furthermore, we provide the convenience of faxable batches to accommodate varying schedules and preferences.
Meet Our Team

Introducing our extraordinary team, A blend of talent, passion, and dream. With diverse skills and shared vision, We strive together, achieving precision.

Acharya Kavindra Jha



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