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We have developed  a revolutionary technique that helps learners speak English fluently through “Chain Meditation”. By transplanting English into the learner’s subconscious mind through meditation, this technique leverages the immense capabilities of the mind to transform language learning. JEM has been developed over many years with the help of thousands of students at the Jha Institute in Raipur. It has the potential to reset the parameters of language learning worldwide, and should be included in school and college education systems.

Our courses use a proven technique to help students learn English quickly. Based on years of research and observation, we have designed an innovative, play-based approach that makes learning communication skills fun and engaging. In addition to English speaking, we also focus on developing other aspects of personality. This ensures that students not only learn to speak English fluently, but also develop other important skills that enhance their overall persona.


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Our center is meticulously designed to provide students with an optimal environment for learning and reading. It boasts a stunning hall featuring comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring a conducive atmosphere for concentration. With centralized air conditioning, students can enjoy a pleasant and temperature-controlled space. The center also boasts a state-of-the-art stage equipped with a projector-based system, enabling captivating presentations. To enhance public speaking skills, we provide essential accessories such as microphones, facilitating effective communication.


Building Adress: Near Tagore Nagar Garden, Pachpedi Naka


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an environment equipped with podium, stage, microphone, , and more to facilitate personality development and enhance learning experiences.


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